Organ family, Collingwood

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Full outdoor portrait of a man, a woman, a boy and six girls.
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Glass plate.
8 x 10 inches

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I believe the photo #180447 is of Charles Organ (1847-1902) & Margaret 'Maggie' Smith (1851-1940). They had 7 children in the order shown of 5 girls, a boy and then another girl. All born in Marlborough. Bessie born 1877, Maud 1880, Edith 1881, Annie 1883, Minnie 1886, Charles 'Tom' 1888 and Hilda 1896. The only children that can be identified at this time would be Hilda with her dad aged about 3 and Tom the only boy aged about 8. As Hilda was born in Dec 1896, the photo was probably taken 1900. The father, Charles, died June 1902 which helps date it. Anyone interested can check with their timeline story ..

- ngairedith

Posted on 12-01-2019 13:48:12