WW1 Soldier Portraits

Images of named men and women in uniform photographed during the years of the First World War.

Unnamed Soldiers

Portraits of unnamed soldiers.

WW1 Objects

WW1 objects in the Nelson Provincial Museum's Collection.

Tyree Studio Collection

The museum is best known for the Tyree Studio Collection (1882-1947) of approximately 105,000 images of studio portraits, civic occasions and scenic views. This collection has been in the care of the museum since 1974 and also includes negatives, from other photographers, bought by the Tyree Studio. For more information visit: http://www.nelsonmuseum.co.nz/photographic/photography.htm

Victorian Facial Hair

Mutton-chops, sideburns, handle-bar moustaches, big bushy beards, once upon a time every man sported some kind of fuzz on his face, it was a matter of manly pride. During the Victorian period, starting about 1850, suddenly everyone was carefully cultivating one dramatic style or another. The Victorian era had taken over from French Regency which was famous for its obsession with men’s wigs, heels and make-up, replacing all these with sombre clothes and a full face of hair. We have put together a collection of photographic records highlighting some fine examples of the Victorian facial hair fashion.

Davis Collection

William Henry Davis (1837-1875) specialised in studio portraits and developed a significant early portrait collection

Bloch Collection

Theodor Thorlacius Bloch (1844-1935): From 1868 to 1872, in partnership with his future brother-in-law, William Brickell Gibbs, he operated Gibbs & Bloch in Trafalgar Street, Nelson.

Alexander Fletcher Collection

This collection consists of 750 largely unidentified early photographs by 19th century Scottish photographer, Alexander Fletcher.

Nina Jones Botanical Paintings

Watercolour paintings of botanical specimens from the Nina Jones Collection.