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Author/Artist: Brian Flintoff
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Pūkāea. Made of matai recycled from a veranda post. Often referred to as a war trumpet but this is just one of its uses, also used to welcome people and announce a variety of occasions. This Pukaea was inspired when the artist read in Margaret Orbell's "Birds of Aotearoa" that "the stout -legged moa, possessed a very long, bony windpipe and apparently made loud trumpeting calls." Brian mused that these sounds may have inspired the creation of the pukaea and that led to the idea of creating this pukaea as a moa. The moa's face is the large face at the end while the small face which forms the mouthpiece is the face of the instrument. In the middle of the long neck a Kokako is shown as coming to see who is being a louder amplifier of sound than he who amplifies the tiny sound of Raukatauri.
Media/materials description
textile, general/shells
0 - Whole = Length (mm) = 1800mm
0 - Whole = Width (mm) = 120mm
0 - Whole = Height (mm) = 120mm
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Alternate: Trumpet, war
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