Object Detail

Thought to be a manicure set. Brown, worn case lined with dark red velvet on the base and dark red silk on the underside of the lid. The base of the box has a moulded space for five implements but there are only three currently contained in the box. These tools include a pair of engraved clippers and two pointed implements, with what is thought to be shell handles.
Object type
Media/materials description
Wooden box, covered with a worn brown layer of unknown material. The tools inside are metal with what is thought to be shell handles on two of them. The box is lined with dark red silk and velvet.
.1 - Box = Length (mm) = 200mm
.1 - Box = Width (mm) = 185mm
.1 - Box = Depth (mm) = 30mm
.2 - Clippers = Length (mm) = 154mm
.2 - Clippers = Width (mm) = 55mm
.2 - Clippers = Width (mm) = 9mm
.3 - Longer pointed implement = Length (mm) = 135mm
.3 - Longer pointed implement = Width (mm) = 15mm
.4 - Shorter pointed implement = Length (mm) = 133mm
.4 - Shorter pointed implement = Width (mm) = 14mm
Accession number
Credit line
Set, manicure. Nelson Provincial Museum, Ovens Collection: NPM993.18.114

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