Queen Bee lost off Farewell Spit August 6th '79

Maker and role
Artist: H. Hilliard
Production date
Circa 1879
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A painting by H Hilliard. The Queen Bee ran aground on the night of 6 August 1877, sailing from England, for Nelson. After abandoning ship to a lifeboat and raft some survivors eventually came ashore at Awaroa and others on D'Urville Island where they were assisted by Māori. 4000 Nelson citizens, a band and the Bishop welcomed survivors.
Object type
Media/materials description
Oil on canvas.
Media and materials
0 - Whole = Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 500 x 602 x 30mm
Composition = Height x Width (mm) = 390 x 490mm
Golden Bay; ocean; sea; water; ship; transportation; transport; sails; storms; rigging; sky; clouds; disasters; settlers; boats; rescue; coastal; marine; accidents; shipwreck; catastrophes; nautical; D'Urville Island; Awaroa; Hilliard; Queen Bee; Maori
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Hilliard, Harry Harvey (1857-1941). Queen Bee lost off Farewell Spit August 6th '79. Oil on canvas. Nelson Provincial Museum Collection: A20.1.

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It wasn't 1879 it was 1877. A 17 year old girl, Eva Fosbery, was on this ship. She eventually became my great grandmother on May 1884

- Richard Yates

Posted on 26-09-2019 14:37:40