Rout house, Stoke

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View of a large two storey house. A man with a horse and buggy, and two women, are outside.
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*Update to the comment I posted in 2015** This house was named "Willow" and was built by William Songer, regarded as the first European to settle in Stoke. It was located on a 50 acre farm referred to as Section 51 Suburban South. In the present day Section 51 looks to be where much of Stoke's commercial area is now located (incl. Countdown, New World, Stoke Library, Whareama Rest Home). A cadastral map from 1898 shows that the farm's original boundary stretched along the Main Rd, up Songer St, along Nayland Rd and then imagine if Pateke Rd stretched from Nayland Rd back to the Main Rd, and that would be roughly where the fourth boundary of Section 51 was. The railway line passed right through the middle of the farm. William Songer sold Section 51 and the house "Willow" to William Rout Snr in 1867. The Rout family moved on to the farm on New Year's Day in 1868 and Songer moved onto a neighbouring farm (section 57, on the other side of Songer St). William Rout Snr farmed the land for about 20 years, his children lived there for a time too, and newspaper ads suggest the Rout family were still in possession of at least 6 acres of the property in 1926.

- Pip McAlwee

Posted on 27-08-2020 03:42:59

This house in Stoke was a family home belonging to William Rout (1830-1909). While not sure of its exact location in the present day, it's most likely on the land described in electoral rolls as Section 49, Waimea East. I expect that's William Rout standing by the buggy, and his wife Harriette and one of their daughters standing by the front door.

- Pip McAlwee

Posted on 11-03-2015 01:20:40