Larkins, Mr T

Maker and role
William Brown (b.Circa 1840, d.1922)
Production date
Jan 1874
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Object Detail

Half length studio portrait of Mr T Larkins. He sits with his hands one on top of the other on his lap, with his legs crossed at the knees. His gaze does not meet the camera. Distinguishing features include his wispy facial hair, narrow necktie, and the small rounded collar of his jacket. The backdrop is a piece of hanging neutral fabric.

The inscription '5K' is in mirror writing.1837 = January / 1874 =
Object type
Maker biography
William Edmond Brown (c1840-1922) : carte de visite, promenades, cabinet, Victoria and Imperial.

Brown moved from Auckland in 1865 to start a business in Trafalgar Street. He later moved to Hardy Street. Brown specialised in studio portraits (around 6,000 of these were taken during 1865-1892), including the cheap and very popular carte de visite (a photographic calling card).

He also took scenic and event photographs including The Nelson Provincial Museum's earliest image of an immigrant ship, the Adamant in 1874, showing fifty immigrants on deck.

An excellent record keeper and portrait specialist Brown is the only early Nelson photographer who consistently recorded client and date details, making positive identification possible. (

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