Hocton, Mrs

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Three quarter length studio portrait of a woman.
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Mrs Hocton. Nelson Provincial Museum, Tyree Studio Collection: 23493

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I agree with Lesley, there is another image on this site for a "Hocton, Mrs Ellen" who is a very different lady. This above lady is the same lady as in the photo labelled "William and Emily Hocton with baby Roseanna". The hint is in the chin.

- Jared

Posted on 19-06-2019 08:19:59

Sorry but I don't agree that this is Ellen Snook, as there are many other images in existence of Ellen that don't match. I do think this is Ellen's daughter in law Emily Hocton - wife of William Rawlings Hocton and mother of Roseanna Hocton. William was son of Jennifer Rowling (later Hocton) so was Appo's step-son from his first wife. William took Appo's name and was raised as his child of Appo after Jennifer died and Appo remarried Ellen Snook.

- Lesley Picking

Posted on 16-04-2019 08:29:40

This is my Great-Grandmother Ellen Hocton, maiden name Snook.

- Errol Blocksage

Posted on 17-10-2018 22:55:49