Production date
Circa 1901
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Black and white environmental group portrait. The image is a scene of four people outside a house. In the foreground is a grassy lawn, with a gravel pathway through the middle. A girl stands on the pathway, with one arm behind her back and her other arm by her side holding on object. To the left of the girl an elderly Appo Hocton sits on a chair, and between his legs stands a young girl. To the right of the girl, an elderly Ellen Hocton sits on a chair with her hands in her lap. Behind them is a house with a veranda, and central front door flanked with a window on either side. In the background are fenced paddocks, hills and sky.
Object type
0 - Whole = Dimensions = 107.95 x 139.7mm
Subject person
Credit line
Hocton, circa 1901. Nelson Provincial Museum, Daroux Collection: 76428

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