Alfred Saunders

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Alfred Saunders arrived in Nelson in 1841, worked as a miller and farmer, was MP for several areas of the South Island and Superintendent of Nelson, 1865-1867. Apparently dicated in his 83rd year, his reminiscences differ in detail from "Tales of a pioneer: Episodes in the life of Alfred Saunders, selected and arranged by his two youngest daughters," Christchurch, 1927. His reminiscences include an account of his voyage to NZ, politics in Nelson and his work as a miller and farmer until he left Nelson in 1867. In addition there is a letter dated 1869, to Gordon Jordan, to accompany a breed of fowl, new to NZ. (from, Saunders, Alfred. 1841-1869. Reminiscences [copy]. Nelson Provincial Museum A2767 qMS SAU.


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