Object Detail

Full length studio portrait of Mrs Allport. She stands with one arm by her side and her other hand on the back of a chair. Distinguishing features include the horizontally striped fabric of her dress. Studio props include books on a desk, chair, small round table, and carpet. The backdrop is a painted mural of a decorative wall with a large open window. An outdoor scene including a balcony, baluster, trees, body of water, hills and sky are depicted through the window. The markings '83' and 'Mrs Allport' are in mirror writing.
Photographic Reference number
0 - Whole = Height x Width (mm) = 107.95 x 82.55mm
Media and Materials Description
Glass plate.

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There were two Alports in Canterbury in the late 1850s, an HE Alport and an A.J. Alport. Ref https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/LT18570701.2.21.4?query=alport%20kington%20&sort_by=byDA&items_per_page=10&start_date=01-01-1851&end_date=31-12-1863&snippet=true&title=LT,CHP Perhaps she could be a wife of one of them. Or possibly a sister.

- Elisabeth Frankish

Posted on 28-03-2019 01:15:47