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Black and white photograph of a letter to the Queen of England from the mayor and concillors of Nelson City dated 15th April 1897.
"To her Most Gracious Majesty Victoria Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of India:
Most Gracious Sovereign: May it please your Majesty: We the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Nelson in New Zealand for ourselves and on behalf of the citizens whom we have the honour to represent desire most humbly to approach your Majesty with heady congratulations on the completion of the 60th year of your Majesty's reign over the Great Empire of which it hath pleased the Almighty to call your Majesty to be the Ruler.
Although at a distance of over 16,000 miles from the seat of Government of Your Majesty's Empire and citizens of one of the smallest cities in Your Majesty's dominions we do not forget that one city forms part of that great Empire and that we are partakers of the great blessings brought to us through Your Majesty's long and beneficent reign.
As citizens of the City named after one of the most illustrious and loyal subjects of Your Majesty's predecessor King George the Third we are constantly reminded by the names of our streets and squares and by the emblems on our seal of his most famous victory. We therefore give place to no portion of Your Majestys dominions in our loyalty to the throne Your Majesty has so long and so worthily adorned.
And we humbly pray that God may be pleased to continue Your Majesty in health and strength and that the inestimable blessings of Your Majestys reign may still be continued to us and all the subjects of Your Majesty's vast realm.
Given under our hands and seal this fifteenth day of April 1897.
Mayor Frances Trask
....[signed by 9? councillors]"
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Glass plate.
12 x 15 inches
0 - Whole = Dimensions = 304.8 x 381mm

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