Production date
19th Century
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Object Detail

Two rectangular teak sea-chests belonging to Doctor Renwick. The two chests are designed so that they stack one on top of the other. The chests are stained and varnished, each with two drawers, with brass corners and each drawer with two inlaid, recessed brass handles. In the top middle of each drawer is a keyhole and wooden escutcheon. On the right and left sides of both chests are two hinged metal chest handles, painted black.

The brass handles on the bottom drawer of the bottom chest have been replaced by hinged handles, fixed over the top of the recessed backing plate of the original inlaid handles.

The top chest has two drawers, the top drawer is larger. The face of the top drawer folds outward to reveal a red, felt lined writing surface with six internal drawers, one lockable cupboard, and eight other compartments.
Object type
Media and materials
0 - Whole = Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 925 x 1040 x 500mm
.1 - Top Section = Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 475 x 1040 x 500mm
.2 - Bottom Section = Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 450 x 1040 x 500mm
.3 - Cupboard Door = Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 224 x 161 x 18mm
Other name and type
Alternate: Campaign Chest
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