Object Detail

Production place
United Kingdom
British copper coin, 1826 Penny, King George IV. The reverse side of the coin has a raised relief profile bust portrait of George IV facing left. George IV is depicted with short wavy hair with a laurel wreath around the crown of his head, with a clean shaven face and double chin. Around the edge of the coin is an inscription 'GEORGIUS IV DEI GRATIA - 1826 -' (George by the Grace of God). The reverse side of the coin is very worn, and shows a right-facing centrally-seated Britannia in raised relief. She sits in profile on top of a shield, with one hand on the shield and her other arm extended out in front of her holding a trident. In the middle of the shield is the Union Jack design. In the exergue underneath Britannia is a rose, thistle, and shamrock. Around the edge of the coin is an inscription 'BRITANNIAR: REX FID: DEF:' (King of the Britains, Defender of the Faith). The edge of the coin is smooth.
Object type
Media/materials description
Metal, copper
Media and materials
0 - Whole = Diameter (mm) = 34mm
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