Bodice and skirt

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Circa 1850
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Bodice - Wine colour. Fitted bodice with two pleats and braid either side of centre front running from shoulder to waist seam, two piece peplum attached to V-shaped waist seam coming to a point at the centre front, two rows of cream lace attached to neckline, neckline has been raised with fabric insert, centre back opening with metal hooks and thread eyes, fitted sleeves with shaping at elbow, lace (different to neckline lace) attached to wrist, bodice and sleeves lined in off-white fabric, peplum and altered neckline lined in wine fabric. Fabric fractured especially in armhole area, and along folds. Fabric faded. Previous repairs have been done. Lining stained.

Skirt - Wine colur.Full skirt attached to a narrow waistband of black fabric, waistline pleated, placket opening with metal hook and thread eye at waistband, skirt fully lined in off-white fabric, inseam pocket inside pleat on left hand side of centre front, black braid used at hem.
Fabric fractured especially in waist area and along folds of the fabric. Fabric faded. Lining stained.
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Bodice and Skirt. Nelson Provincial Museum Collection: COS.235.69.2 and COS.235.69.3

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