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Author/Artist: Brian Flintoff
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Rehu. While the mouth fipple is like a European flute, the placement of the Wenewene on the Porutu creates a song with true traditional qualities. Matai and cane. With the two figures in the middle being Raukatauri and Pepe coming together symbolically to ensure the survival of this tradition. The enlarged hands of Pepe are his wings and his antennae are prominent curling out from his head. The stopper is carved from Niho Paraoa or Sperm whale tooth from Rekohu, the Chatham Islands. It represents Hirini Melbourne whose dedication to bringing the sounds of Taonga Puoro and establishing them as contemporary instruments is based firmly in tradition.
Media/materials description
textile, general/bone (whale tooth)
textile, general/wood (matai)
textile, general/fibre (cane)
0 - Whole = Length (mm) = 656mm
0 - Whole = Width (mm) = 25mm
0 - Whole = Height (mm) = 46mm
Other name and type
Alternate: Flute
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