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Author/Artist: Brian Flintoff
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Pahū. This unusual slab of pakohe/argillite was found on the roadside near the highest point of Rangitoto, D'urville Island. Its wonderful resonance was noted as Dante Bonica tried shaping its edge with his hammer stone. It was given to Flintoff to use some day as a Pahu. Brian carved a waka for it from totara and found a beater for it in the river bed which sits in the dish of the waka. The faces on each end of the waka represent Rangi and Papa. The stone is held in place by two whalebone pegs representing Tangaroa and Hinemoana the parents of whales.
0 - Whole = Length (mm) = 598mm
0 - Whole = Width (mm) = 215mm
0 - Whole = Height (mm) = 184mm
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Alternate: drum/ gong
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