Porutu - A flute carved from wheua/ animal bone

Maker and role
Author/Artist: Brian Flintoff
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Object Detail

Porutu. A long koauau with 3 finger holes. Carved from emu bone. The face carved around the larger, blown end is the face of the instrument while the face at the other end is the face of the music, this has two noses because the music is the combination of the instrument and that of teh player. Along each side runs the row of Manaia faces which represent the passing down of the traditions of words and music that make song. The surface is decorated with two patterns that represent the ranges of the instrument. A male moth is shown at the lower end as he has been attracted by the music and mistakes it for the goddess of flute music, Raukatauri.
Media/materials description
textile, general/shells
Media and materials
0 - Whole = Length (mm) = 274mm
0 - Whole = Width (mm) = 35mm
0 - Whole = Height (mm) = 22mm
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