Object Detail

Rectangular metal trunk with wood reinforcements, painted tan, with hinged lid. The lid is reinforced with three wooden slats running horizontally across the lid, affixed with cleats. In the centre of the middle slat is a brass plate embossed with a maker's mark. On the right and left sides of the box are two metal handles with back mounting plates. The sides of the trunk are reinforced with a wooden slat running horizontally across the side, affixed with cleats. In the middle front of the lid are three hinged clasps, and on the front of the trunk are three latches and a central lock, aligning with the lid clasps. The two outer latches are joined by tubes to the central lock. The inside of the trunk is painted dark red.

Made in England by Jones Brothers & Co, Wolverhampton.
Object type
Media and materials
0 - Whole = Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 415 x 680 x 465mm
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