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Suit, Japanese, lacquered, armour complete. [Tortoiseshell sections with blue and white cotton fabric lining. Possibly no longer complete.
15.12.2004: Armour 11 pieces; solid body piece 16th century style Japanese name Yukinoshita-do, the identifying banner fits to a socket at the lower back of the body; single plate breast and back construction with single, long hinge on left side, incorporated padded panel at shoulder attached to the shoulder strapping; combination of blue dyed cloth possibly hemp or linen, with printed floral patterns, blue colour called Futaai; rawhide printed with red patterns; lacquered metal plates and chains called lames, individual plates set in vertical rows of tassels attached to the lower torso; blue braids and lacing made from silk and tortoise shell frogs;
Helmet - Kabuto 1.54.1
Face Mask - Menpo 1.54.2
2 shoulder pads - Sode
Torso - Do 1.54.4
2 arm protection - Kote
Skirt - Haidate 1.54.6
2 Shin guards - Suneate / (LS36.32.B.3)
1 sock - Shitozo 1.54.8
Object type
Media/materials description
turtle shell toggles and metal eyelets
Length (condrep)=710 height
0 - Whole = Width (mm) = 330mm
0 - Whole = Depth (mm) = 270mm
0 - Whole = Height (mm) = 710mm
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