Published in the Journal of the Polynesian Society, vol. 6(22),(1897:June); Folk songs and myths from Samoa / by John Fraser - On the ancient pit dwellings of the Pelorus District, South Island, N.Z. / by Joshua Rutland (includes ill. & plan) - Notes on the Rev. H.W. Williams' paper on "The Maori whare." / by A.T. Ngata - Goodenough Island, New Guinea / by Whitmore Monckton - Notes and queries - Proceedings of the Polynesian Society for the quarter ending 30th June, 1897 - Supplement to the Journal of the Polynesian Society. The peopling of the North: notes on the ancient Maori...Kaipara, New Zealand: "Heru-Hapainga / by S. Percy Smith.
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The Polynesian Society, Jun 1897

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