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Handcoloured lithograph on cream paper with card backing. The print is a botanical illustration of part of a tree with fruit. Two brown stems are depicted, one with compound leaves, both alternate and opposite on petioles. The green oval leaf blades taper to a long point, with pinnate venation. The fruit is in wide-spaced clusters on brown stalks in a variety of stages, from closed brown capsules to split capsules containing bright red aril with black centres, representing the seed.

The print is titled "Electryon excelsum. (Tītoki)" and "A lofty tree common in the forest of North and South Islands. The only species of the genus and confined to New Zealand. Berries bright scarlet with one black shining seed." and ""Nor yet, had the Electryon's beads of jet, Each on its scarlet strawberry set." Domett."
Bett Loan Collection
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Sheet = Height x Width (mm) = 308 x 246mm
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Sheet = 308 h x 246 w
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Emily Harris (circa 1837 - 1925). Electryon excelsum (Tītoki). Handcoloured lithograph on paper. Nelson Provincial Museum, Bett Loan Collection: AC1086

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