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Handcoloured lithograph on cream paper, with card backing. The print is a botanical illustration of a fern. Several thin black stems are depicted with compound leaves in odd pinnate formation. The green leaf blades are closely spaced and fan shaped. One frond is depicted as a small spiral shaped bud.

The illustration is titled "Adiantum Cunninghamii (Maiden Hair)" and on a piece of paper affixed to paper "HURUHURU TAPAIRU" and "Growing in dense woods and damp places A large tropical and temperate genus"
Bett Loan Collection
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Print/Art/Communication Artifacts/Nomenclature
Sheet = Height x Width (mm) = 308 x 246mm
Measurement Description
Sheet = 308 h x 246 w
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Emily Harris (circa 1837 - 1925). Adiantum cunninghamii (Maiden Hair). Handcoloured lithograph on paper. Nelson Provincial Museum, Bett Loan Collection: AC1070

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