Maker and role
Artist: Nina Jones (b.1871, d.1926)
Production date
Circa 1920
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Object Detail

Watercolour painting on rectangular sheet of brown paper, with a brown window mount, and backing. The painting is a botanical illustration of part of a shrub with flowers thought to be White Kowhai. One branching brown stalk is depicted with compound leaves in odd pinnate formation. The green leaflets are small and oval. The solitary flowers are in small hanging clusters. The white flowers are bilateral with long, curved, pointed petals similar in shape to a parrot’s beak, and green sepals. There are leaves and flowers depicted in a wash of greens.

The painting is marked "N.J."
Object type
Media and materials
Mount = 365 h x 285 w Composition = 267 h x 200 w
Composition = Height x Width (mm) = 267 x 200mm
Mount = Height x Width (mm) = 365 x 285mm
Subject category
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This looks like Clianthus puniceus albus

- Siobhan Leachman

Posted on 14-04-2019 12:12:35