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Handcoloured lithograph on cream paper with card backing. The print is a botanical illustration of part of a fern. One green leaf frond and one brown seed stem are depicted. The green leaf blades are closely spaced and fan shaped, some lobed. The seed stem is long, with many branches of tiny yellow-orange round-shaped seeds at the terminal end.

The print is titled "Botrychium Virginicum" and "Root of thick fleshy fibres bearing one erect much divided frond and a branched seed bearing spike. The seed a golden colour. Tonga and Fisherman's Island Nelson"
Bett Loan Collection
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Print/Art/Communication Artifacts/Nomenclature
Sheet = Height x Width (mm) = 308 x 246mm
Measurement Description
Sheet = 308 h x 246 w
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Emily Harris (circa 1837 - 1925). Botrychium virginicum. Handcoloured lithograph on paper. Nelson provincial Museum, Bett Loan Collection: AC1062

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