Myosotidium nobile

Maker and role
Artist: Nina Jones (b.1871, d.1926)
Production date
Circa 1920
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Object Detail

Watercolour painting on rectangular sheet of brown paper, with a brown window mount, and backing. The painting is a botanical illustration of part of a plant with flowers. Two branching green stems are depicted with alternate leaves on petioles. The large green simple leaf blades have undulating margins. At the terminal ends of the stems are clusters of flowers. The flowers have five blue petals with white margins, some with yellow centres. There are leaves and flowers depicted in a wash of colours.

The painting is marked "NiNA JONES" and "Myosotidium NobiLE". Paper label on front: "Myosotidium nobile the largest forget-me-not in the world. Grown in sandy soil and dry seaweed near the seashore of the Chatham Islands. Natural size".
Object type
Media and materials
Sheet = 375 h x 295 w
Sheet = Height x Width (mm) = 375 x 295mm
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