Coprosma grandifolia

Maker and role
Artist: Nina Jones (b.1871, d.1926)
Production date
Circa 1920
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Object Detail

Watercolour painting on rectangular sheet of brown paper, with a brown window mount, and backing. The painting is a botanical illustration of part of a tree with flowers and fruit. Two green stems are depicted with opposite leaves on petioles. The green leaf blades have pinnate venation, with triangular scale-like appendages at the base of leaves (stipules). At the bottom of the stem are small oval-shaped red berries on stalks. Interspersed along the stem are small clusters of flowers. Some of the flowers have white hair-like petals, whilst other clusters have small green-white flowers with tiny petals and long hair-like stamens. There are leaves depicted in a wash of purples and greens.

The painting is marked "NiNA JONES" and "CoprosMA grANdifoLiA."
Object type
Media and materials
Mount = 482 h x 375 w Composition = 398 h x 295 w
Composition = Height x Width (mm) = 398 x 295mm
Mount = Height x Width (mm) = 482 x 375mm
Subject category
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