Dr. Renwick's house, with cacti

Maker and role
Artist: John Saxton (b.1808, d.1866)
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Object Detail

Watercolour painting on paper, with card backing. The painting depicts a single storey cottage and gardens. In the foreground is a lawn and gardens. A pathway curves from near the bottom left corner across to the right middle-ground. On either side of the path are small raised garden beds with small plants and shrubs. To the right of the picture is an archway over the path, and at the pictures right edge a large plant with long, lance-shaped leaves with toothed margins. There is another archway further back in the picture covered with vegetation. In the middle-distance is a cottage with two sets of French doors and a veranda. The veranda has a series of columns, the criss-cross design echoing the patterns in the archways. The French doors on the right are open. There is a prominent brick chimney on top of the cottage and a second smaller chimney with a funnel and brown smoke. There are various trees, shrubs and potted plants about the cottage. In the background are rolling hills and a blue sky and white clouds above the hills.

The painting is signed "J.W. SAXTON."
Object type
Media and materials
Composition = 445 h x 553 w
Composition = Height x Width (mm) = 445 x 553mm
Maker biography
See Lash, Max. Nelson notables. Nelson Historical Society 1992 for biographical details
Houses Nelson City
Subject category
AC number
Credit line
John Saxton (1808-1866). Dr. Renwick's house, with cacti, [no date]. Watercolour. Nelson Provincial Museum, Bett Loan Collection: AC811

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