Object Detail

Scrimshaw, engraving on whale tooth, highlighted with black pigment. The engraving depicts a European couple in an embrace, in the act of dance. The man stands with one arm around the waist of the woman and his other arm raised above his shoulder, holding the woman's hand. His face is turned away, and partially obscured. He wears a top hat and a checked jacket. The woman stands with one arm on the man's shoulder, and her other arm raised above her shoulder, holding the man's hand. She wears a dot-patterned dress with a voluminous skirt.

From the collection of Frederick V Knapp (1863-1945).
Object type
Media and materials
Measurement from 1999 loan condition report - 155 H x 50 [ 0 with cross through it may mean circumference]
0 - Whole = Height x Width x Length (mm) = 45 x 40 x 163mm
Other name and type
Alternate: Niho Parāoa
Accession number
Credit line
Scrimshaw, dancing couple. Nelson Provincial Museum Collection: 104.46.5




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