Object Detail

Scrimshaw, engraving on sperm whale tooth, highlighted with red pigment. The base of the scrimshaw has a band filled with a criss-cross pattern. Various objects are depicted. There is a swan in profile, and to the right of the swan is a snake, with it's body looped in the middle. Above the swan are two leafy flower stems. Above the flowers is a one-mast sailing ship, depicted in full sail. On the side opposite the swan, a long tubular vase with an oval base is depicted. There is a flowering stem emanating out of the top of the vase. There are many other leaves and flowers.

From the collection of Frederick V Knapp (1863-1945).
Object type
Media and materials
0 - Whole = Height x Width x Length (mm) = 40 x 45 x 125mm
Other name and type
Alternate: Niho Parāoa
Subject category
Accession number
Credit line
Scrimshaw, Swan. Nelson Provincial Museum: 104.46.4

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