Thomas's Palace Car

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Black and white environmental photograph. The image is a scene of a horse-drawn city bus. The road and bus span the foreground space, with the road on a slight diagonal from the middle left edge down to the bottom right corner. A man sits at the front of the bus holding the reins which extend to two horses. Between the driver and carriage is a floor-to-ceiling partition. There are three rows of seats spanning the width of the open carriage. There is a roof supported on poles, and there are rolls of fabric strapped around the edges of the roof. Behind the bus is a row of two storied wooden buildings with street verandas extending over the footpath supported on posts. The side of a building is visible, which has a small balcony on the second story and a steep stairway extending down behind a fence. Behind the buildings is a steep hill and sky.

On the side of the bus is painted “THOMAS PALACE CAR”.
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0 - Whole = Dimensions = 107.95 x 139.7mm

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