Object Detail

Brief Description
Two sets of 'Newey's' hook and eyes attached to cardboard. One piece of cardboard has eight size two eyes attached, the other has nine size three hooks attached. Found inside Sister Catherine Ovens wicker sewing basket.
Accession Number
.1 - Size two eyes = Length (mm) = 125mm
.1 - Size two eyes = Width (mm) = 44mm
.1 - Size two eyes = Width (mm) = 7mm
.1 - Size two eyes = Length (mm) = 8mm
.2 - Size three eyes = Length (mm) = 133mm
.2 - Size three eyes = Width (mm) = 44mm
.2 - Size three eyes = Length (mm) = 12mm
.2 - Size three eyes = Width (mm) = 10mm
Media and Materials
Media and Materials Description
Thought to be enamel hook and eyes sewn onto cardboard.
Credit Line
fastening, Hook and eyes. Nelson Provincial Museum, Ovens Collection: NPM993.18.93.22


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