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Three sets of buttons attached to cardboard. One set of five small white buttons on a piece of turquise cardboard. On one side of the cardboard is a picture of a female head and flowers, the other side is brown. The buttons are sewn onto the cardboard with a piece of foil underneath. The second set includes twenty-nine white fabric covered buttons on a rectangle of blue cardboard, the other side of the cardboard reads 'The Duchess Two Hole Button Covered Backs'. The third set is on a small rectangle of cardboard with six small white buttons sewn to it, a piece of foil is beneath the buttons. Found inside Sister Catherine Ovens wicker sewing basket.
Media/materials description
Plastic and fabric buttons attached to cardboard and foil.
.1 - Five white buttons = Length (mm) = 100mm
.1 - Five white buttons = Width (mm) = 70mm
.1 - Five white buttons = Diameter (mm) = 10mm
.2 - Twenty-nine white fabric covered buttons = Length (mm) = 116mm
.2 - Twenty-nine white fabric covered buttons = Width (mm) = 75mm
.2 - Twenty-nine white fabric covered buttons = Diameter (mm) = 11mm
.3 - six small white buttons = Length (mm) = 31mm
.3 - six small white buttons = Width (mm) = 23mm
.3 - six small white buttons = Diameter (mm) = 7mm
Accession number
Credit line
Buttons. Nelson Provincial Museum, Ovens Collection: NPM993.18.93.21

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