Hocton Children

Production date
Oct 1876
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Object Detail

Full length studio portrait of Albert Ah Lina, Eirena Jane and Appo Louis Hocton. Albert Ah Lina and Appo Louis stand either side of a seated Eirena Jane. Albert Ah Lina stands with one hand on his hip and his other arm by his side. Eirena Jane sits with her hands in her lap, and her legs crossed at the ankles on top of a covered footstool. Appo Louis stands with one arm by his side and the thumb of his other hand hooked into the pocket of his pants. Distinguishing features include the boys' matching outfits with dark binding around the edges of their jackets, and the diagonally striped fabric in the detailing of Eirena Jane's dress. Eirena Jane also has two large strands of beads around her neck. Studio props include a chair, cloth covered footstool, and carpet. The backdrop is neutral with a skirting board.
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Credit line
Hocton Children, October 1876. Nelson Provincial Museum, W E Brown Collection: 13045

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