Apparatus, Electrostatic Demonstration

Production date
Early 20th Century

Brass apparatus incorporated into elegant varnished wooden stand with two sets of four wood-turned legs divided by one shelf. No maker or date. On the top shelf sits an open cylindrical cage made of coiled copper wire around four wooden vertical rods each notched to hold the wire in place. There are 3 wooden cross-struts between the four vertical rods inside the cylinder presumably for support. On top of the cylinder is a solid piece of bakelite(?) with a vertical protruding brass rod and sphere. The underside of the brass rod also protrudes underneath the bakelite and is connected to the terminal of the copper wire at the top of the cylinder via a piece of copper sheet. A set of brass spheres and horizontal coil of copper wire sits to the side of the cylinder. The rods are connected via a central brass rod above the coiled wire. On the rod sits a sliding brass sphere fitted with "switch" made of a pointed piece of brass and an insulated handle. The switch can rotate to touch the coiled wire underneath. The two components are joined by a tightly coiled rope of copper wire that terminates with another brass sphere fitted with an insulated needle switch that can touch the terminal of the wire on the bottom of the tall cylinder. The shelf underneath the cylinder is fitted with two brass spheres each mounted on a horizontal brass rods that slots into one of two vertical bakelite insulated rod. These rods can be adjusted to touch or pull apart. These rods are not connected to either of the devices sitting on the shelf above. Object used for demonstrations of conduction of static electricity.
Media/materials description
Brass; wood; bakelite
Media and materials
0 - Whole = Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 1380 x 460 x 460mm
Science; physics; electrostatic; demonstration; brass
Credit line
Apparatus, Electrostatic Demonstration. Nelson Provincial Museum Collection: NN2021.58



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