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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Bullet Bullet
Two bullets, one bronze rifle bullet with worn number on base (part 1) and the other a bullet casing (part 2). Both bullets were inside a "Pulmonas relief by inhalation" tin for medicated pastilles, with four armed forces buttons, a Chinese coin and six miscellaneous items - see Registrar's notes. Bullets thought to be possibly WW1 era.
Bureau Bureau
Scotch chest. Veneer wood bureau in two sections. Upper section has four drawers. Top drawer folds down to reveal green felt or velvet writing surface and five drawers, one cupboard and ten compartments. Bottom section has a further two drawers. All main drawers have brass locks and handles. Four iron handles, two on each side. Black stained decorative molding about edges. Carved claw style feet. Thought to be marquetry inlay about drawer fronts.
Button, military. Button, military.
Four military buttons, thought to be WW1 era. "China" "Jennens & Co Ltd London" on the reverse (Part 1) "New Zealand Forces. Wellington" (part 2) "Canada" "Made in Canada" on the reverse (part 3) button with a crest and no lettering but from the United States Army (part 4). They were located inside a "Pulmonas relief by inhalation" tin for medicated pastilles, with a chinese coin, two bullets and six miscellaneous items (see registrar's notes).
Buttons Buttons
Three sets of buttons attached to cardboard. One set of five small white buttons on a piece of turquise cardboard. On one side of the cardboard is a picture of a female head and flowers, the other side is brown. The buttons are sewn onto the cardboard with a piece of foil underneath. The second set includes twenty-nine white fabric covered buttons on a rectangle of blue cardboard, the other side of the cardboard reads 'The Duchess Two Hole Button Covered Backs'. The third set is on a small rectangle of cardboard with six small white buttons sewn to it, a piece of foil is beneath the buttons. Found inside Sister Catherine Ovens wicker sewing basket.
Cabinet, corner Cabinet, corner
Corner Cabinet, triangular shaped wooden cabinet. Cabinet has an opening cupboard door which is glass with timber sections and a diamond glass pattern at the centre. Cabinet has a timber upstand at the top with a decorative edge. There are three shelves with a leather decorative strip nailed at the fore edge of each.
Cabinet, corner Cabinet, corner
Corner Cabinet, triangular shaped wooden cabinet in two sections. The top section has a mirror backing and the bottom section is completely wooden. There is one full shelf at the mid point, and a lower partial shelf very near the legs at the base. There is some inlaid timber design work along the top edge and the middle shelf. The three legs splay outwards.
Caddy Caddy
Silver plated circular container with removable cap, incised floral decoration. Thought to be tea caddy. Chased and monogrammed.
Can, oil Can, oil
Oil can, for sewing machine.
Cane Cane
Walking stick, metal top, Indian motif. Light brown wood possibly bamboo, O cross section. Pressed metal top possibly silver plated, four Indian/Asian figures around the sides and the initial 'W' inscribed on top. Ring around the bottom, possibly made of copper.
Cane Cane
Walking stick, all wood natural curved handle, shaped and sanded. O cross section, bark remains on shaft. Black rubber covering over the bottom tip.