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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Bracelet Bracelet
Bracelet made from semi precious stones with silver links and one red heart shaped fob.
Bracelet Bracelet
One chain bracelet with a heartshaped padlock fastening
Bracelet Bracelet
Gold bracelet. One side of the bracelet has decorations formed of leaves and berries. These decorations are made from ight blue / green stones and scuplted gold, the flat sections of the bracelet have a leaf pattern engraved on the sides and a patterned border, the fastening is broken.
Brick Brick
Rectangular, red baked brick with gritty uneven surface. The brick has frogging (small curved rectangular impression) on the top side. There is also a small area of mortar residue on the top side.
Brick Brick
Rectangular, terracotta brick with maker's mark stamped into top side. There are three deep holes in the top surface. The top and bottom sides of the brick appear more porous than the four sides, and there is white paint residue on three sides.

Maker's mark is 'W.NEWTH'. In the 1892 Lucas Almanac William Newth is listed as the proprietor of the Spring Grove Brickyard. William Newth was the son of Robert Newth, Brickmaker. Robert Newth arrived in Nelson on the Will Watch (ship) in 1841.

This brick is from the site of 'Blints House' at the mouth of the Serpentine River, Aniseed Valley, Nelson.
British War medal notification. British War medal notification.
A letter accompanying the British War Medal awarded to the late Private G. Greenwood in 1921.
Brooch Brooch
One ivory brooch. Carved into a pattern of flowers and leaves.
Brooch Brooch
One wishbone brooch, flower decoration at one end of the brooch formed of six clear stones, in a circle around a pearl, which is thought to be fake. Two of the stones are missing.
Brush Brush
Brush for a hearth or clothes, wooden mount.
Buckle Buckle
Buckle, Indian 'silver'. The left side of the buckle depicts a person riding an elephant. The right side shows the same figure riding what is thought to be a leopard, a smaller figure stands behind the leopard with a fan.