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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Box Box
Small blue and white square box with black lining in the base.
Box Box
One box, cardboard, "LOUIS KERR LTD. Box 86, NELSON."
Box, candle Box, candle
Cylindrical metal candle box, painted black. The ends of the box are domed. There is a hinged lid, with a hinged catch at the front. Behind the lid, at the rear of the box are two cleats widening towards the outer end, with holes at the tops.

The candle box was brought out to New Zealand by the donor's parents Mr and Mrs Arthur Hubert Price aboard the Lancashire Witch (ship), which arrived in Lyttelton, Canterbury, in 1863.
Box, jewellers Box, jewellers
Brown rectangular box with a rounded lid. Interior lined with cream satin and blue velvet, with raised sections to house cufflinks. The lid reads " Collingwood & Son, Watchmakers..."
Box, jewelry Box, jewelry
Jewellery box, lacquered wood, inlaid interior. The box has a hinged lid with an inlaid depiction of an elephant, made from what is thought to be ivory, within a patterned circle. The front side of the box has a lock but the key is missing. Inside the box is a removable wooden drawer with two metal loops at either end and nine small compartments. Each of the compartments has a decorated lid and all but one has a metal loop handle in the centre of the lid. Inside compartment NPM993.18.160.4, a piece of newspaper was found with four small wooden rods wrapped inside.
Box, tablets
Box, Cascara Sagrada. Inside the box is a glass bottle containing several tablets, many are broken.
Box, tool Box, tool
Rectangular wooden box, with hinged lid. There are three brass hinges across the back of the lid. Affixed to the right and left sides of the box are two vertical convex slats of wood, through which a hole is drilled. A loop of rope has been threaded through the holes for handles. There is a keyhole in the top front of the box, with internal locking mechanism. The inside of the lid is varnished and decorated, including a compass rose marquetry inlay, with ovals, and arcs. Inside the body of the box, two sets of three columned, highly varnished drawers are constructed against the front and rear of the box, with a gap in the middle. The top two sections slide back and forth to reveal cavities.

The contents of the box include three glass bottles, (camp coffee, Ayre's Herb beer extract, unknown); pieces of wood; clock making equipment and parts; paper patterns; and glass rods.

It is thought that the box was made by Benjamin Strachan (1820-1889), and came out to New Zealand on the Admiral Grenfell (ship) in 1853. The trunk is said to have been damaged by fire on board the ship when a beam fell across the trunk.
Box, trinket Box, trinket
Box, chromed outer, wood lining, hinged lid. 'Sphinx' written beneath a picture of a sphinx on the inside of the lid. On the outside of the hinged lid is a blue circular decoration incorporating bows.
Box, trinket Box, trinket
Trinket Box with matching detachable lid, Oriental stoneware, flower and bird decorations. The box is divided into two sections horizontally, with a stoneware divider which has gold paint on the top edge.
Brace Brace
Hand-held boring tool consisting of a wooden pommel with swivel join, iron U-shaped crankshaft and chuck. The U-shaped portion of the crank shaft has a wooden insert,with a curved convex shape. The chuck has a wing nut screw into which the bit is placed and fixed.