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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Bone, Mammal
Whales tooth.
Bone, Mammal Bone, Mammal
Whales tooth.
Boot Boot
High sided child's boot, right foot. Black leather, with a rounded point toe, including a triangular toe guard. The boot has metal eyelets, and is a 12-lace up. The top of the boot is shaped. The boot has a raised wooden heel, and a very worn sole, where numerous tacks are visible.

The boot was found when an old house on Bridge St, opposite the Monro State Building, was being demolished circa 1967. The house was previously the location of West Upholstery.
Bottle, medicine Bottle, medicine
Bottle, Stohr's Pharmacy, Motueka.
Bottle, toilet Bottle, toilet
Perfume bottle, 'Eau De Cologne No 4711'. Clear glass bottle with a turquoise and gold label, red cap. Contains some clear liquid.
Bottle, toilet Bottle, toilet
Perfume bottle, 'Ashes of Violet'. Clear glass bottle with a worn, silver label adhered to the front and a lilac plastic cap. The bottle contains a small amount of brown liquid.
Bottle, toilet Bottle, toilet
Perfume bottle, 'Chanel No.5', empty.
Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Sugar
Sugar bowl, and sugar spoon. Silver plated oval sugar bowl with two handles, sitting on four ball feet. Corrugated and scalloped decoration. Silver plated spoon with oval handle, straight stem, curved bowl, unadorned, "Bengal Silver". Part of set including teapots, sugar bowl, sugar spoon & cream jug.
Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Sugar
Honey or sugar bowl, light brown colour with blue, green and yellow moulded flower decorations on the side and lid. "Kensington" is stamped on the base.
Bowl, punch Bowl, punch
Glazed ceramic bowl, possibly a punch bowl, hand painted, Oriental style with motifs of birds, butterflies and flowers. Unmarked. Transfer print of glazed flowers on the outside of the bowl. Interior extensively decorated with a combination of transfers and hand painted designs applied on raised decoration. Glaze, gilding and enamel colouring. Round bowl, deep with wide flared rim.