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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Basket, needlework Basket, needlework
Wicker sewing basket, sqaure, handle attached to the top. Top attached to the basket with a piece of metal, forming a hinged lid. A square of padded blue silk with small buttons is attached to the inside of the lid, at one corner. There were two pins and three needles pinned to the silk square which have been removed. The bottom of the basket is lined with blue fabric.
Bavarian porcelain pipe bowl Bavarian porcelain pipe bowl
Bavarian porcelain pipe bowl only. Military scene with four soldiers, one riding a horse, one holding a bayonet, one holding a horn and one fallen on the ground. 'Schlacht bei Colding' written below the picture. String tied through the pipe.
Beads, rosary Beads, rosary
Red rosary beads, brass links and crucifix. The Crucifix has a moulded figure of Jesus on one side.
Binoculars Binoculars
WW1 black metal binoculars inscribed with the words "O.F.03, Dienstglas N[-] 12544 U.F".
Bird Bird
Taxidermy, Ringneck-type Common Pheasant cock, in a standing position with wings folded and head turned to the left, mounted on a tree branch affixed to a wooden base. The head is dark glossy bottle green, with a small crest, and distinctive red facial wattles, with a white neck-band. The body plumage is bright gold and rich orange, barred with brown, with green, purple and white markings. The pheasant has a long brown tail with dark streaks. Distinguishing features include the long, dark purplish legs.
Bird Bird
Taxidermy, Common Blackbird, partial albino, in a standing position with wings folded mounted on twig on rectangular wooden stand. The Blackbird has black and dark brown plumage, with a yellow eye-ring and bill. Distinguishing features include the white feathers specked about its head and neck.
Bird, Albatross Bird, Albatross
Albatross Head on turned circular wood mount. It is sooty-brown with darker shading on the sides of its head. It has a white crescent above and behind its eye. Its bill is black with a hooked tip, with naricorn nasal passages, and an orange sulcus.
Bird, Golden Pheasant. Bird, Golden Pheasant.
Golden Pheasant , NZ. Mounted on wood plinth with a chamfered front edge and label ‘GOLDEN PHEASANT’. The bird is mounted parallel too front with right foot forward and right wing raised.
Bird, Lesser Bird of Paradise Bird, Lesser Bird of Paradise
Lesser Bird of Paradise, New Guinea. Mounted on rectangular wooden base with a chamfered front and label. Bird is mounted parallel to front perched on a branch.
Bird, Rockhopper Penguin Bird, Rockhopper Penguin
Stuffed Rockhopper Penguin mounted in a standing position. The penguin’s beak is partially open with hunched back and splayed wings. The rectangular wooden mount has a chamfered front edge.There is a light rectangular section to the front of the mount where a label has been attached. On the proper right side of the mount there is a paper label affixed ‘The penguin is not a night bird’.