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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Wax, sealing Wax, sealing
Sealing wax, red, short piece.
Watch, pocket and case. Watch, pocket and case.
Gold pocket watch, with the glass and one hand missing. The watch reverse is ornately engraved and has "EB" intertwined at the centre. The enamel watch face has Arabic numerals. Pocket watch is in a Waterbury Watch Co. box base, that has a purple lining. One gold filagree circular section of metal was underneath the watch loose.
Watch, pocket Watch, pocket
Pocket watch, gold case, marked 'Catherine Ovens' inside, open face.
Watch, pocket Watch, pocket
Pocket watch, silver case, "R.Fenton, Te Kuiti" on dial.
Watch, pocket Watch, pocket
Pocket watch, gold case, contained in a metal outer case with a window at the front, made of what is thought to be plastic.
Watch, pocket Watch, pocket
One enamelled watch. Gold pocket watch with two enamel pictures, one on either side. On one side is a a picture of a young girl and a dog with a rose in its mouth. On the other side is a picture of the dog sat on a red cushion, holding a rose in its mouth.
War medal War medal
Gallipoli Star, Ottoman Empire (Turkish) World War I medal. Five pointed vaulted star-shaped red badge, with a central cresent moon and a tghra, or cipher, over the date 1333 AH [AD 1915]. Straight pin on the reverse.
Walking stick Walking stick
Tokotoko or walking stick, with carved human figures. The walking stick is made from a dark, varnished wood. It has been carved so as to split into two interconnected sticks with nine human heads placed in different areas of the walking stick. Two heads are on either side of the stick near the bottom, one larger head is at the top with four heads making a ring around the larger heads neck. Underneath this ring of heads there are two human faces on either side of the walking stick. Each of these heads have paua shell eyes. The largest head at the top of the walking stick appears to have been carved separately and attached to the top of the walking stick. Behind this head at the top of the walking stick there is a section of unvarnished wood suggesting something was broken off of this part of the walking stick. Metal is attached to the bottom of the walking stick.
Waistcoat Waistcoat
Brown / grey wool waistcoat with grey satin back, cream statin lining, mens. Four welt pockets (two lower and two breast). Opening on proper right inside lining. Six pearly grey shank buttons in six keyhole button holes. One small side split at each side. Narrow grey belt stitched into side seams with grey metal buckle. Front wool fabric used on neck band. Worn by Sir Keith Holyoake.
Waistcoat Waistcoat
Grey waistcoat, mens. Front material is made of wool, back material is dark grey and light grey silk check. Lined with off white satin fabric. Four welt pockets, lower and breast, two on each side. Narrow back neck band made from the same wool material as front fabric. Six grey plastic buttons and six keyhole buttonholes. Back has a narrow belt stitched at side seams and a grey metal buckle. Centre front is shaped to a point. Worn by Sir Keith Holyoake.