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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Amanda Young, consultant archaeologist : [archaeology in Nelson]
Nelson Historical Society monthly lecture recording.
Last 45 seconds of the first digital file.
Amanda Young, consultant archaeologist : [archaeology in Nelson] :
Nelson Historical Society monthly lecture recording
Ancient Order of Foresters. Court Sherwood Forest register 1887 - c1907 : index and transcription / indexed and compiled by Alison Johnston
Transcription and index compiled for The Nelson Provincial Museum by Alison Johntson in 2006 from AG 132 register. See also AG 189, qMS ANC.
Indexes: ANC
Anzac memorium badge Anzac memorium badge
Circular grey and white cardboard in memorium badge. Features a small sepia photograph at the centre of the Anzac landings and which reads " Anzac day in celebration of the glorious landings April 25th 1915". Blue wool tie attached.
Apples : what the doctors say! : prevention of cancer : doctor advises fruit, 10 lbs of apples a week
Advertising leaflet marketing the health benefits of eating apples. Not dated. Estimated to be the first half of the 20th century
Ephemera Box 3 Folder 3
Arahura negotiating old entrance
Postcard of the Arahura ferry at old harbour entrance featuring F.N. Jones photograph.
Box 5: Postcards & greeting cards p. 24
Archaeological monitoring of the Ruby Bay Bypass : NZHPT Authority 2008/90
Transit New Zealand started the historical assessment of the Ruby Bay Bypass in Dec 1998. Archaeological monitoring of the Ruby Bay Bypass occurred between November 2008 and March 2010. Some new sites were uncovered and recorded
Army telegram to Colonel Thorneycroft : June 1st, peace signed here last night from Chief, Pretoria
Signal to Colonel Thornycroft - 'Peace signed June 1st, here last night' . Photo on reverse-unknown group. Boer War
As the tide went down
Not dated. Miscellaneous family papers
Assuming that the Treasury will transfer a certain amount of stock into the names of the 7 Trustees named in the New Zealand Act of 1851...& draw for it they would probably save trouble - {[I.....?] the papers
Letters from Alexander Blair to James Tytler, and letters, notes and correspondence concerning negotiations regarding the liability of the New Zealand Company to the Nelson Trust Funds Board;