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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
0Letter from Alexander Blair to James Tytler on the New Zealand Company land liability and the Nelson Trust Funds Board
A genealogy of John Alfred Langford : a pioneer settler in New Zealand
Genealogy of J.A. Langford
Account Account
1 p., W. & W. F. Stilwell Timber Merchants...14 /- W + W Stillwell
Account of leaving Patea and the journey on the HMNZT 36 Tofua to Hobart : 9 Jul - Friday 19 Nov
Photocopy of a handwritten account by G.A. Robbie leaving New Zealand in the ship H.M.N.Z. 36 Tofua for Hobart. The transport ship will travel onto Egypt.
Agreement between the Kelling Brothers and German emigrant labourer Hans Henry (Hans Heinrich) Busch of Reppenhagen, on behalf of Count Ranzau
Hans Henry Busch who came to New Zealand with the NZ Company. A bilingual German / English document with official seal and stamp.
Album : [scrapbook]
Scrapbook of greeting cards and stickers. 2 sheets of stickers in acid free envelop at rear of album.
Scrapbook STA
Album : [scrapbook].
Scrapbook entitled "Album", hardcover with floral decoration, ribbon bound, with cloth pages onto which are pasted various pictures. Inscribed inside front cover "To Dear Little Ken from Daisy June 1909".
Army telegram to Colonel Thorneycroft : June 1st, peace signed here last night from Chief, Pretoria
Signal to Colonel Thornycroft - 'Peace signed June 1st, here last night' . Photo on reverse-unknown group. Boer War
Assuming that the Treasury will transfer a certain amount of stock into the names of the 7 Trustees named in the New Zealand Act of 1851...& draw for it they would probably save trouble - {[I.....?] the papers
Letters from Alexander Blair to James Tytler, and letters, notes and correspondence concerning negotiations regarding the liability of the New Zealand Company to the Nelson Trust Funds Board;
Authorisation for Samuel Stone to repair a gun, the property of Thomas Kite
Signed by W. Richmond.
Bett UMS85