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[Sowman family tree] : records of name Sowman occurring in books, documents searched in British Library.
At head of page: Earliest date noted that of 1526 - problems of spelling critical in pre 1600 period.
Notebook belonging to F V Knapp circa 1936-1941. Includes notes on various collections, Maori artefacts around New Zealand and other items.
Also includes 12 pages of loose items - undated newspaper cutting, entitled " Morioris of the Chatham Islands " re exhibition at the Nelson Provincial Museum; obituary for F V Knapp from The Journal of the Polynesian Society; 6 p manuscript ; typescript notes re Maori place names in Nelson, Otago fishing implements of the Maori, Maori artefacts L Vangiono? Akaroa from F V Knapp's collection; 1 p letter from the Manawatu Museum ; 3 p photocopy of an article on F V Knapp by David Butts.
[Locksley,home of Dr F A Bett]
Laser print pages from Rosemary Wardell's photocopied sketches
[Levien family tree]
[Letter] : geological survey of New Zealand, Nelson, 15th Nov. 1866
Letter to the Secretary of the Nelson Institute from James Hector from the Geological Survey requesting objects from the Nelson Institute's collection for the Colonial Museum and suggesting an object transfer.

Written on the top left is this addition:
Received as loan to the Colonial Museum from the Nelson Institute the specimens herein [...] J. Hector 16/11/66
[Car, decorated, in Trafalgar Street]
Old two seater car in Trafalgar St; two men in fancy dress in it. Writing on it reads "We believe in peaces". "1st prize most expensive design?" "No lints about this." "Don't touch". "Vote for our Queen." "Nelson's 1st electric car."
Box: Postcards & greeting cards 1, p 38
Zeppelin brought down in flames at Cufley, near Enfield, at 2.30am, Sunday, Sept. 3rd, 1916  [postcard] / drawn by an eye witness Zeppelin brought down in flames at Cufley, near Enfield, at 2.30am, Sunday, Sept. 3rd, 1916 [postcard] / drawn by an eye witness
Poem on the reverse " A memory "
Box 1: Armed Forces / War
YMCA with New Zealand Expeditionary Forces : writing paper and envelope
MCA Military Camp letterhead and one small green grey envelope with Y.M.C.A logo.
Box1: Armed forces & war
We're on the rocks, at Nelson, N.Z. We're on the rocks, at Nelson, N.Z.
From the Dennis's dainty series. E T W Dennis & Sons Ltd, London & Scarborough.
War diary : Jan - Dec 1918
Use transcription copy MS-Copy-022 at LS25.1.H.6 Box 4.