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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
A wise donkey : raw fruit helps to clean your teeth A wise donkey : raw fruit helps to clean your teeth
Donkey eating an apple from a tree
Poster folder 9
AP-R : Australasian photo-review : Australiasi's own photographic magazine
Vol. 47(6)
Per: PHO
Adventure New Zealand : issue 91 (Oct-Nov 1998)
Includes articles: Blast from the past - Perrine Moncrieff, 1893-1979 : p.16; The Rainbow Ride : a ride up the Rainbow and down the historic Heritage Trail, p. 48-51.
Box: Periodical oddments
American photography : vol. XXXV, no. 9, Sep 1941
Vol. 35(9) ; Monthly
Box: Periodical oddments
And so it began
Vol. 1 (Nov 1982) - vol. 5 (Mar 1989); Frequency of publication varies;
Apples are one of a girl's best friends
A girl and boy, each holding an apple, sitting on a seat of a tour carriage, with a lake in the background and the boy pointing with on arm raised.
Poster folder 8
Bartlett family [quarterly]
Held: v. 1[Jan 1983] - v.15, v. 2(1) May 1987 - v.2(7) Dec 1988, v.3 Feb 1989, v. 3(26) Aug 1989 - v. 3(30) Feb 1991.
Be a healthy kiwi, eat fruit daily
Picture of a kiwi made of fruit
Poster folder 9
Be like me drink milk : it builds strong teeth
Calf drinking milk from a bucket
Poster folder 9
Bibby's annual 1922
Christmas box