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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
A wise donkey : raw fruit helps to clean your teeth A wise donkey : raw fruit helps to clean your teeth
Donkey eating an apple from a tree
Poster folder 9
Apples are one of a girl's best friends
A girl and boy, each holding an apple, sitting on a seat of a tour carriage, with a lake in the background and the boy pointing with on arm raised.
Poster folder 8
Be a healthy kiwi, eat fruit daily
Picture of a kiwi made of fruit
Poster folder 9
Be like me drink milk : it builds strong teeth
Calf drinking milk from a bucket
Poster folder 9
Chew these foods for clean teeth
Boy sitting eating corn with a horse looking over his shoulder
Come to sunny Nelson : a land of sunshine and health, fruit and flowers
Poster folder 1
Come to sunny Nelson : seasonal workers required for raspberry, hop, tobacco and fruit available.
Pos 6
Don't forget : green vegetables keep you fit
Elephant holding a cabbage in its trunk.
Issued by the Department of Health, New Zealand, with acknowledgements to the Ministry of Food, London.
Poster folder 9
Griffin and Sons : Nelson biscuits
A lithograph showing the Griffin biscuit factory.
Poster folder 4-2; RA2009.99.1
Poster folder 4-1
Les Misérables [poster]
A4 poster for the production of Les Miserable, The Nelson Youth Theatre Company production in 2012.
Musical theatre box 1 MIS