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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Black and white photograph featuring a view of Monaco taken from the water with one boat and two dingies in the foreground. Nelson hills in the background.
Mr David Pluck Mr David Pluck
Special Education Service District Psychologist
Muriel Rodie Saunders
Black and white photograph of Muriel Rodie Saunders in nursing Uniform, 1933.
Native women weaving cloth Is. of lemnos Native women weaving cloth Is. of lemnos
View of 3 native women weaving, outside a stone building. Lemnos Island, World War 1.
Nelson Choir
Colour photorgaphic print. Taken at an angle, it features 30 women and one man standing in three rows.
Nelson College First Eleven, 1896. Nelson College First Eleven, 1896.
Outdoor portrait of a group of 12 men, Cricket players, including coach, 1896. Names printed on the mount are: Mr C. Broad, F. O'Beirne, J. Armstrong, G. Fell, Mr Joint, P.H. Mules, E.K. Mules (capt), N. Fell, W. Tomlinson, N. Wix, J. Graham, H. Pearless.
Nelson College Football Club Nelson College Football Club
Outdoor portrait of a group of 16 young Nelson College football players, with their teacher Mr Littlejohn. The names are printed on the mount as follows: H. Kitching, H. Morrison, C. Hamilton, E. Mules, L. Trent, F. O'Brien, Mr Littlejohn, P. Mules, N. Fell, R. Adams, J. Armstrong, F. Stuckey, A. Gannaway, A. Kempthorne, V. Usher, W. Jickell, G. Totton, The name "F.E.G. O'Beirne" is handwritten below and the typed name "F.O'Brien" is underlined.
Nelson College Sports Event
Black and white photograph featuring a view of the sports field at Nelson College, on which people are standing near what appears to be a race track.
Nelson, New Zealand : real photographs for your snapshot album
Postcards (9) c/w envelope depicting Nelson.
Not dated.
Number 13 Platoon 'D' Coy
This sepia photograph, mounted on card features and large outdoor group portrait of military personnel with rifles: the number 13 Platoon, D Company, 11th Reinforcements.