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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Grave, Matthew Campbell Grave, Matthew Campbell
Stereo view thought to be of the Wakapuaka Cemetery. In the foreground is the grave of Matthew Campbell, died 30 May 1883 aged 68 years.
Graves Graves
Stereo view of three graves in one enclosure, thought to be at Wakapuaka Cemetery. The graves are those of Flora Margaret McGregor, eldest daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Fowell Watts, died April 15, 1878 aged 11 years 4 months; John Willett Watts son of Charles Fowell and Elizabeth Watts died 11 November 1886 aged 30 years; and Charles Fowell Watts, died July 28 1881 aged 57 years.
Graves Graves
Stereo view of graves in a cemetery.
Graves, Wakapuaka Cemetery Graves, Wakapuaka Cemetery
Stereo view looking from the Wakapuaka cemetery towards Nelson. Graves are in the foreground.
Gunnersbury House Gunnersbury House
Stereo view of a large two storeyed house, and garden.
Hardy Street Hardy Street
Stereo view of Hardy Street looking east. The premises of W E Brown Photographer are in the middle distance. Two children are on the footpath in the foreground.
Hardy Street looking west Hardy Street looking west
Stereo view looking west along Hardy Street at the intersection with Trafalgar Street. A group of men stand in front of the Symons Memorial gas lamp in the foreground. The Colonial Bank of New Zealand and Bisley Bros are on the right sid of the street.
Haven Road Haven Road
Stereo view showing dwellings on Haven road near Maori Road. A few children are on and near the road. Railway lines run parallel to the road in the foreground.
Haven Road Haven Road
Stereo view looking along Haven Road towards Nelson city. A girl stands on the railway lines of the Dun Mountain Railway or City Bus.
Haven Road Haven Road
Stereo view of Haven Road, showing the Clarendon Hotel and other buildings. Small boats are moored in the harbour in front of the road.