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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
Spooners Range
This black and white photograph features a view of forestry on hillsides at Spooners Range with snow on the ground.
Spooners Range
This black and white photograph features a view of marshy ground covered in snow with hills in background in the Spooners Range.
Shirley & Bryonny
Small black and white photo of Shirley Walker holding her daughter Bryonny as a small child. "Shirley & Bryonny" written in pencil on the back.
School, Stanley Brook
Sepia photograph mounted on card. It features a large group posing on and in front of a small double-roof school building.
School Children in Dovedale
This small black and white photo features an outdoor view of a group of children standing and posing in front of a car.
Samoa, 1914. Samoa, 1914.
Posed group of twelve men, in three rows, with four kneeling at the front. All are holding bayonets and wearing military uniform including hats. Palm trees can be seen in the background and a building is situated to their right. Soldiers from the New Zealand Samoan Expeditionary Force during World War 1, 1914.
Sam Kirkpatrick on his yacht
Black and whit photo features a view of seven people including Sam Kirkpatrick at the back section of a yacht. One man (Sam Kirkpatrick?) is steering at the helm.
Riwaka Troop Boy Scouts Riwaka Troop Boy Scouts
Posed image of a group of eighteen boy scouts, in three rows, three seated at front, outside a building. All are in uniform. Those depicted named on the reverse as: back row left to right Mr French, Doug [Askew], Nelson Holyoake (Rusty), Bert Hichmott, Bill Fry, Jack Holyoake, [Maston G Littenden], Mr Forsyth. The middle row [Fran] Thompson, Harry Drummond, Reg Hichmott, Keith Holyoake, Jake Holyoake, Mac Inglis, Len Holden. front row Punch Goodall, Melvyn Fry, Fee Bradley.
Recruiting Procession Recruiting Procession
View of a large group of people, mixed, standing outside a building. Flags are hanging from the building and across the road above them. A dog is in the foreground of the picture to the right. Handwritten caption on the reverse starts "Procession in Motueka in 1914..."
Rabbit Island
This black and white photograph on textured paper features a view Rabbit Island looking from the mainland.