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Coprosma grandifolia Coprosma grandifolia
Watercolour painting on rectangular sheet of brown paper, with a brown window mount, and backing. The painting is a botanical illustration of part of a tree with flowers and fruit. Two green stems are depicted with opposite leaves on petioles. The green leaf blades have pinnate venation, with triangular scale-like appendages at the base of leaves (stipules). At the bottom of the stem are small oval-shaped red berries on stalks. Interspersed along the stem are small clusters of flowers. Some of the flowers have white hair-like petals, whilst other clusters have small green-white flowers with tiny petals and long hair-like stamens. There are leaves depicted in a wash of purples and greens.

The painting is marked "NiNA JONES" and "CoprosMA grANdifoLiA."
Coprosma robusta Coprosma robusta
Watercolour painting on rectangular sheet of brown paper, with a brown window mount, and backing. The painting is a botanical illustration of part of a shrub with fruit. Two branching brown stems are depicted with alternate and opposite leaves. The green leaf blades are spear-shaped with smooth margins at the terminal ends of the stems. There are many dense clusters of small round orange-red berries.

The painting is marked "NiNA JONES" and "CoProsMA robuStA"
Cornelius Joseph O'Regan : [obituaries]
[Obituary] : the late Mr C J O'Regan ; [Obituary] : Grey Rive Argus Sep 9, 1895 ; [Obituary] : Greymouth Evening Star, Sep 9, 1895 ; Obituary : Inangahua Times Sep 7, 1895 ;
Counterpart New Zealand land order, the Nelson Settlement, rural section no. 47, original order of choice 47, land transfer to James Stuart Tytler and George Michael Tytler.
Signed by John Ward, Sec. to the New Zealand Company.
Country church Country church
Watercolour painting on paper with card backing. The painting depicts a view across woodland toward a church. In the foreground on the left is a tree stump surrounded by grasses. On the right is a pond, with a dirt mound in the middle on top of which is a horizontal log. In the middle ground are tall trees and two tree stumps. In the background is a small church with a central nave and two small protruding gabled sections, one at the side and one at the end of the building. There is a low fence in front of the church. To the right is a second building. In the distance are a series of hill ranges, and sky.

At the bottom of the composition is 'MUNTZ' and 'MUNTZ' and '20 x 14'
Cox family history
Jane Cox (nee Lucas), second child in Lucas family ; Includes an index to surnames.
Current research projects, 1978 : beech forests and reserves mangement, Nelson [copy]
Customer list : with alphabetical tabs
Alphabetically arranged book with customers listed relating to Rutherford Bros., Coachbuilders, Wheelwrights, &c. of Brightwater. Not dated.
Deed conveying land in Enner Glynn to Richard Webb Jenkins
Land: one eighth undivided land in Enner Glynn.
Deed of covenant for the production of crown grants for sale of land to Francis Otterson and David Sclanders
Land: 250 acres, Suburban North adjoining section 29 and rural section III.